PVL Whey Gold 6lb

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Flavor: Triple Chocolate Brownie
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Product Description

You demand the best. At PVL, they demand it too! Getting enough quality protein to help us all recover, grow and reach our goals can be a challenge. Which type of protein; how much; when? Thankfully, 100% whey protein has legendary quality – and NEW PVL® 100% WHEY GOLD takes it to a whole new level! This advanced formula is cleaner and absorbs faster than inferior protein sources. Quite simply - you can reach your goals sooner!

PVL start with microfiltered, cold-processed whey proteins from grass-fed and hormone-free, grade-A dairy sources. They add enzymes (for improved digestion); amazing flavours and other quality ingredients to deliver the superior taste and shake-like consistency; and non-GOM lecithin to make it shake up easy! NEW 100% PVL WHEY GOLD is then drug tested, so you know it is safe for all sports! Enjoy! Its NEW PVL 100% Whey Gold.

PVL® 100% Whey Gold key features: 

  • 24g Grass–fed Whey Protein
  • 100% Whey Sourced
  • Easy Mixing 
  • Enzymes for Improved digestion
  • Informed Choice Tested

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