Nutrex EAA Hydration-30srv

Flavour: Blood Orange
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EAA and Electrolytes: Superfuel for your muscles
EAA + Hydration is the ultimate superfuel for your muscles. EAAs (Essential Amino Acids) repair and build muscles while electrolytes ensure that your muscles stay functional at the highest level.

This means, EAA + Hydration is ideal for consumption during training to enhance muscle performance, strength and endurance or immediately after your workout to refuel, rehydrate and rebuild faster.

Did you know studies have shown that EAAs are more effective at enhancing muscle growth than whey protein when taken around training time!

Our carefully selected hydration complex of vital electrolytes, coconut water and advanced Albion minerals will ensure that your muscles keep performing even under the toughest workout conditions.

EAA + Hydration further delivers an incredible burst of exotic fruit flavors so delicious you will want to sip on it all day long!

Perform. Recover. Build.
You expect a lot from your body, so give it the fuel it needs. There’s no better way to optimize muscle performance, recovery and growth than taking Nutrex EAA + Hydration at training time.

Simply add one scoop to your water bottle, sip on it during your workout and superfuel your muscles.

If you’re looking for the ultimate post-workout recovery drink, consume Nutrex EAA + Hydration right after you’re done training.

Maximize your results with Nutrex EAA + Hydration. Perform longer, recover faster and build more.


Container Size: 384g (13.5oz)
Serving Size: 13g
Servings Per Container: 30

EAA Plus Hydration | Nutrex | 2 for $20 ea 

Please Note: Nutritional Information is to be used as a guide only, actual values may differ between flavours and sizes and when formulations are modified or updated by the manufacturer. 
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