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Flavour: Hot Chocolate (Dated 11/2023)
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When you need to rest and recover, provide your body with the rest it deserves with höm Sleep. Because sleep is an investment in the energy needed for tomorrow's movement.

Our sleep formula is specifically formulated to promote a good nights rest and to help wake up feeling recovered.

- Improve Quality of Sleep
- Fall into REM Sleep Faster
- Reduce Stress Levels
- Assist Muscle Recovery
- Improve Quality of Life

Make yourself a hot sleep 1 hour before bed, or you can even get creative and make a cold dessert by adding a scoop to ice cream.

- Vegan Friendly
- Low Sugar
- Low Calorie
- Keto Friendly
- Soy Free
- Gluten Free
- Nut Free
- Lactose Free
- Non GMO

höm Sleep | Sportsfuel NZ

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