Ayuveda Naturals Shilajit Drops

Size: 75 Serves
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HIMALAYAN SHILAJIT by Ayurveda Naturals has compelling health and fitness benefits!

It's packed with powerful ingredients which will help you reach your results faster and more importantly, improve your quality of life!

Direct from the majestic Himalayas, our Shilajit blend is a super-food to help you during peak performance and equally when resting. Formulated for men and women, this age-old remedy contains 85+ minerals (including highly bioavailable Fulvic and Humic Acid). Shilajit helps elevate your vitality and balance your energy.

Some supplemention facts of this product you need further convincing...

  • Shilajit: Clinical Studies proving increased levels of testosterone.[0]
    This can assist with low sex drive, hair loss, help prevent loss of muscle mass, fatigue, body fat levels.
    Assist with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Aging, High Altitude Sickness, Infertility, Heart Health [0.1]
    • Saffron: “Daily saffron supplements were more effective at preventing muscle weakness and pain after a bout of strenuous exercise than anti-inflammatory drugs, according to a study in the March issue of the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine“ [1]
    • Swarna Basma: “The aphrodisiac property of Swarna Bhasma may help improve stamina, strength, low sperm count, and improve quality and quantity of semen” [2]
    • Ashwagandha: to help the body resist physical and mental stress. [3]
    • Ginseng: Builds immunity, improved focus and helps regulate blood sugar to improve energy levels and fat burn when mixed with regular physical exercise. [4]
    • Helps enhance physical Performance and sexual health.
    • Ayurvedic formula 
    • Aids in Recovery to help combat and fatigue-induced decreases in muscular strength and serum hydroxyproline levels
    • Naturral Antioxidants to help the slow damage to cells and 
  • Rejuvenation through the highest quality ingredents in their purest form

Proudly Formulated in New Zealand manufactured in India.

Direction of use:
Mix 4 drops in 40 ml of water or milk and drink twice a day.

Servings: 75

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