Axe & Sledge - MANPOWER (date June 2023)

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What is it?

Axe & Sledge Man Power is a Natural Testosterone Booster.

What does it do?

Axe & Sledge Man Power will encourage your body to produce more testosterone and increase your body’s level of free testosterone. Elevated free testosterone levels are essential in creating the ultimate anabolic environment for muscle growth and fat loss.

Combined with a sensible dieting and training regime, Axe & Sledge Man Power will help you build muscle and burn fat.

When should I take it?

Axe & Sledge Man Power should be taken at a consistent time of day every day. Whether it be first thing in the morning or last thing at night, whichever time works for you to be able to consume Axe & Sledge Man Power daily.

Simply take 3 caps with at least 250ml of water. For best absorption results, consume while eating a meal or straight after finishing a whole food meal.

Supplement Solutions recommends taking Axe & Sledge Manpower for 8 – 12 weeks followed by a 4-week break before repeating another 8 – 12 week cycle.

How long does it take?

You will notice the initial effects of Axe & Sledge Man Power within the first week of use. You will experience increased muscle recovery, increased strength and increased training intensity. You may also notice increased muscle fullness, increased vascularity and increased libido.

Combined with a sensible dieting and training regime tailored to your health and fitness goals, the increased natural testosterone levels created by Axe & Sledge Man Power will start to make substantial changes to your physique within the first 4 weeks of use.

You will continue to experience physique-changing results indefinitely, provided you stick to your dieting and training regime.


Axe And Sledge Manpower

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