Jacked Freak (date January 2024)

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JACKED FREAK is the first hybrid natural anabolic muscle builder made with 5 premium plant sources of ecdysterones. Ecdysterone is considered a promising natural muscle-building support supplement due to its high anabolic potency. Ecdysterone has been demonstrated to increase protein synthesis in skeletal muscle.


Each bottle comes with a full 50 servings of vegetable capsules with no artificial colors or dyes!



  • 5 SOURCES OF ECDYSTERONES: Delivers 5 rich plant sources of ecdysterones. Ecdysterone supplements are considered to be one of the most promising natural muscle building supplements.
  • ENHANCED ABSORPTION: Jacked Freak provides enhanced absorption via BioPerine, a natural bioavailability enhancer from black pepper extract.
  • IMPROVES LEAN MUSCLE GAIN: Ecdysterones are considered to have high anabolic potency which may help with lean muscle gain and athletic performance for the new or experienced athlete.
  • USE TO BOOST RECOVERY: Not just known for strength and muscle gain, ecdysterones have been used to boost both performance and workout recovery.
  • 50 servings in Easy-to-swallow vegetable capsules

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